The Kensington Hartshorns...
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Eliza Bennett Hartshorn Elden John Hartshorn Edward (Ned)John, Elden Bennet, and George, Ernest Hartshorn

Elden John Hartshorn was born in 1842 in Lunenburg, VT to Hon. John Willard Hartshorn (b.1815, d. 1896) and Ann Smith Hartshorn (d. 1883). He was married, first to Mary Eastman who bore him four children. Edward John Hartshorn, also called Ned, Susan Hartshorn, Charles Hartshorn, and Annie. Annie and Susan died first, then their mother, Mary, then Charles.

Ned survived, along with his father. He had no children. He is pictured above right with his two half brothers, Elden B. and, my grandfather is the youngest one, George Ernest.

Elden J. married again to Eliza Pierce Bennet. They lived in Iowa for a time, raising the second Hartshorn family. Eliza was born in Lima, NY in 1860 to Dr. G.H. and Mrs Eliza Dunlap Bennet. Eliza and E.J. had four boys; Elden Bennet, who became a chemistry professor at Dartmouth, Hosmer Pierson, Theodore Dunlap, and George Ernest.

E.J. Hartshorn was a man of short stature, but of many important roles. E.J. served through two enlistments during the Civil War ending as a captain of a company in the Army of the Potomac under Grant from the Battle of the Wilderness to the end at Appamatox. The first enlistment had been with a Vermont regiment at Gettysburg. After the Civil War he held other public service offices as an attorney, in Emmetsburg, Iowa. He was elected state's representative in 1873. He also at one point served in the senate. He was appointed by President Harrison as treasurer of the sergeant at arms of the national House of Representatives. He also served as Assistant Attorney for the Department of the interior for twenty-five years.

Eliza was an active member of her community and officer of many clubs including the D.C. chapter of the D.A.R. Along with raising her own sons she took care of her baby nephew until he died of scarlet fever at three years old. The baby was her sister's, Jeannette Bennet Dunham, who was married to Professor Maurice Dunham (Edgartown, Mass then Boulder, CO). Jeannette died in child birth Dec. 20, 1896. Maurice died soon after.

E.J. and Eliza lived in Kensington Maryland and raised their family. They both died there in 1926. E.J. died of acute bronchitis at the age of 84 on January 16, and Eliza died of a stroke a day later, at the age of 63. There was a double funeral performed, with full military honors, at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

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