McCutcheon of Braddock Heights, Maryland: Next Generation
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Rebecca Kay McCutcheon Essie Johnstone McCutcheon Robert J., Essie J., Rebecca K., and cousin

Rebecca Kay McCutcheon is shown at left. She was the youngest of Wm. O. and Annie S. McCutcheon. She was born July 31, 1897, and she died February 1982. She never married, but was devoted to her sister, Essie, and helped her take care of the aging William O. and with her family. She also worked at McCutcheon's Apple Products part-time.

Essie Johnstone McCutcheon (Hartshorn) was the middle child, shown in the middle above. She was born September 1894. She graduated from Hood College in Frederick with a degree in music. She married George Ernest Hartshorn December 28, 1920, coincidentally the day G.E. died in 1975. They had three boys; William, Elden, and Robert (my father). Essie died in 1986.

Robert Johnstone McCutcheon was the first born. He is shown in the photo at right all the way on the right. He was born in the year1893. He married Helen McCullagh of West Virginia October 23, 1917. They had five children; Essie (3), Robert (2), Barbara, Rebecca Kay (3), and William 3). Robert (1) died in 1947.

The guy on the left in the picture to the right is a cousin of the McCutcheon siblings named Dave Johnson. He was the son of Annie Struble's sister, Rebecca Kay (Struble) Johnson and her husband John L. Johnson.

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