McCutcheon of Braddock Heights, Maryland
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Annie Struble McCutcheon             William Oscar McCutcheon
McCutcheon House, Braddock Heights, Md.

On the McCutcheon side I will start with my great grandfather and great grandmother; the parents of my grandmother on my father's side, Essie Johnstone McCutcheon

Annie Struble is pictured at left when she was about 15 years old. She was born to Carolyn Fowler Smith Struble and Henry Struble, November 11, 1867. She died of T.B. March 25, 1916. She had a sister she was close to, Rebecca Kay Struble Johnson.

William Oscar McCutcheon was the son of James Small McCutcheon and Essie Johnstone McCutcheon (the first). He was born on July 9, 1858. Died October 14, 1952. He was the founder of McCutcheon's Apple Products in Frederick, Maryland, which he began in 1938.

William O. and Annie Struble married June 8, 1892 in Frederick, Maryland. They settled on Braddock Heights in Maryland and built their house, pictured above right. They raised their three children, Robert Johnstone, Essie Johnstone, and Rebecca Kay.

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