Archive Gallery

The following examples are oil paintings, watercolors and photographs created prior to 2014.

Toil Tray and Bible, oil on canvas

"Toil Tray and Bible", oil on canvas, 20"x24", 1986, $500.00

Beach Umbrella

"Beach Umbrella", oil on canvas, 20"x20", 2004, $300.00

Contemplation, oil on canvas, 5x5

"Contemplation", oil on canvas, 5'x5', 1985, $350.00

Sally Umbrella

"Sally's Umbrella", oil on canvas, 24" x 24", 2003,$500.00

Hollywood Road, 2011

"Hollywood Road", 2011, 19"x23" $250.00

Vista Road Barn, 2009

"Vista Road Barn", 2009, 17"x21" with frame, $250.00

First Star

"First Star", 2013, 12"x15" with frame, $175.00


"Autumn", 2013, 12"x15" with frame, $175.00

Aloe Still-life

"Aloe and Still-life", 15"x17" with frame, $300.00

Redwing Blackbird

"Redwing Blackbird", 9"x12", $200.00

Still-life with Pitcher

"Still-Life with Pitcher", 14"x18" with frame, $250.00

Still Life Grainy

"Still life with Aloe; grainy", 9"x12", $175.00


"Michael", B&W photography on textured paper, 10"x10", $175.00